Change Control Template

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Change Control Template

  • Ben
  • September 4, 2020

Change Request Form Instructions:

Please read carefully, failure to properly adhere to this document or the change process will result in delayed approval for changes.

  • Change forms are to be completed and submitted in word format via email to:   
  • A change ticket will be created and all associated tickets will be collapsed into the change process ticket.
  • Changes are reviewed by the Change Committee Team on a weekly basis.
  • Changes requiring immediate attention can be brought to the IT leadership executive committee for rapid approval.
  • Rapid Approval Process may be executed at any time given the executive team can convene and approve the changes request.
  • Rapid Approval may deviate from the initial paperwork process to execute the change.
  • All changes to infrastructure equipment, infrastructure software, Firmware and ERP / MRP vendors must have an existing case open before change can occur or be approved.  Changes to plan must be vendor approved before change committee will accept.
  • All items undergoing changes must have production level support from the vendor before change can occur.
  • If outside vendors are executing any part of the change, they must attend the change meeting and adhere to the change plan, communication plan and support plan.
  • After completion of success or failure a Postmortem should occur and the change ticket should be updated with detailed results, including deviations to this plan that had to occur.
Title:[Change Name]
Plant(s) affected:[List comma separated]  
IT Ticket Number:[List if known]  
Change Requested:[Overview of the change requested, how it will be done and why it needs to be done.]  
Requested By:[End user or Support Engineer name]
Priorities Business: Technical:[For each business and technical assign a status of low, med, high or critical] [Business Priority] [Technical Priority]
System(s) Affected:[List systems impacted, fully qualified host name or application install instance]
Support Vendor: Case #:  [Vendor name] [Vendor case number]
SME’s Business:   Technical:  [List business SME’s, comma separated] [List technical SME’s, comma separated]
Risk Assessment:[Describe the risk, what could go wrong, what are you doing to mitigate the risk]  
Communication Plan:[List Communication Plan, including communication verbiage and recipients (impacted users and other personnel as appropriate)] Example Communication Plan: 3 days before, send to all impacted users Message A. 1 day before, send to all impacted users Message B. 15 minutes before, send to all impacted users Message C.After successful completion, send to all impacted users Message D.If failure to achieve change occurs, send to all impacted users Message E.
Change Process:[List chronologically the process to execute this change, including the communication plan, attach any and all scripts or locations for files that will be installed][This should be an itemized step by step process that will occur for the change window. No deviations will be accepted. The process should be detailed sufficiently that it could be executed by another resource with sufficient technical knowledge. If multiple people will be participating in deploying the change, the individual executing each step should be identified.]
Rollback Plan:[Identify the steps in detail what you will or can do to roll the changes back, include any scripts, files or install locations][Identify criteria (e.g. known possible outcomes from the Risk Assessment, excessive downtime duration, or testing failure) that would trigger implementing the rollback plan. Also indicate who has authority to make the determination to attempt remediation of problems or initiate the rollback plan and how internal communication regarding this decision will be made.]  
Testing / Verification Process:[List chronologically the process to test or verify this change, attach any and all scripts or locations for files that will be used for testing.]  
Proposed Effective Date:[MM/DD/YYYY]
Human Resources:[List resources involved and contact information (phone and email) for them]  
    Change Committee use only below this line:    
Change Meeting Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]
Approval Signatures Business: Technical: [MM/DD/YYYY]
Post Change Validation Signatures Business: Technical: [MM/DD/YYYY]
Requires Conference Bridge Activated:[   ] Yes   [   ] NO
Production Support Verified:[   ] Yes   [   ] NO
Change Committee Comments / Notes: