After Action Report

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After Action Report

  • Ben
  • October 1, 2020
Incident ID:      Item IDIncident Date Time:Date Time
Incident Report Date:DateCompleted By:Your Name Here

Incident description:

Insert text describing the incident at a high level, include overall impact to users / systems.


IndividualPositionRole in Incident
John DoeSystem Administrators Team ManagerResponder / First Escalation
Sally SmithDatabase AdministratorResponder / Resolver
Joe SmithDevelopment Technical ArchitectResponder / Escalation Point
Alex HamiltonDirector of ITResponder / Escalation Point

Resolution Efforts

IDActionLine of thinkingImpact on problemInitiated by
1Contacted tier 2 server supportOutside of tier 1 abilities and accessEscalationJohn Doe
2ActivityDescribe what the group was thinkingDid not relieve the pressure in the stack.Sally Smith
3ActivityDescribe what the group was thinkingCleared out sessions but did not fix the underlying issue.Alex Hamiltom
4ActivityDescribe what the group was thinkingDetermined execution plan was insufficient.Joe Smith
4ActivityDescribe what the group was thinkingResolutionJoe Smith


Root cause statement here.

Effective Resolution

What actions actually restored services

Action Items

Open ItemApproachRequested ByApproved By
What is left to doWhy are we wanting to do it  Who requested itWho approved / needs to approve this?