Performance Review Template


Performance Review Template

  • Ben
  • August 14, 2020
Name:Job Title:

Form Instructions

Use this form to document your view of your performance and the synthesized feedback collected by your Manager.  It is important to work through this form together.  The critical part of the process is the quality of the feedback obtained and the discussion itself.

  1. You – Mark an X next to the Quarter feedback is being synthesized for in the Feedback Timing box
  2. You – Add in your view of your performance in each category in the Synthesized Feedback and Discussion Comments section below
  3. Manager – Document the Synthesized Feedback into the form
  4. You/Manager – Review the feedback and add in discussion comments as it makes sense to do so
  5. Manager – Complete the Expectations Overview section and determine if any action is necessary
  6. Manager – Complete the End of Year Rating box only after the rating process is complete

Summary Information

Feedback Timing: Insert an X next to the quarter feedback is being discussed (note, at least Q2 and Q4 will be checked by year end)   End of Year Rating: Managers, complete this section at the end of the year after the rating process is completed with IT Leadership
Quarter 1    Performance CategoryScore
Quarter 2    Delivery/ 40
Quarter 3    Documentation/ 30
Quarter 4X   Practice Management/ 30
     Overall/ 100

Feedback Contacts and Topics

Customer Contacts 
Topics and Questions to Collect Feedback About 


Synthesized Feedback and Discussion Comments

Performance CategoryMy ViewFeedback Manager View
Practice Management  


Expectations Overview

Are job expectations at least being met or exceeded?Q1:             Yes (__)     No (__)
Q2:             Yes (__)     No (__)
Q3:             Yes (__)     No (__)
Q4:             Yes (__)     No (__)
AreaItemsValueMax Value
Delivery  /40
 Code checked in on time. 5
 Defect rate within acceptable criteria for team. 10
 Adhering to development standards established in coding standards and best practices 5
 Delivers quality code, solutions and defect resolution work product. 5
 Participates in code reviews and grows from them. 5
 Defect resolution within acceptable criteria for team. 10
Documentation  /30
 Inline code is documented according to best practices and coding standards guide. 10
 System diagrams and data flows being built and maintained according to team standards and coding best practices guideline. 10
 Adhering to coding standards and best practices for other areas related to documentation. 10
Practice Management /30
 Participates in team discussions and provides effective and helpful feedback and designs, patterns, issue resolution and solution design. 10
 Conducts peer code reviews with other members on the team with purpose of growing oneself and other team members level of delivery. 5
 Challenges designs and solutions in a healthy manor to the team and provides solution-based designs. 5
 Conducts training sessions on technologies, methods, systems or practices. 5
 Interacts with other team members including line of business to collaborate on solutions and issue resolution. 5